Why blog? 


  “Nick, you are always on holidays, you’ve got heaps of free time, why don’t you write a blog or something about your experiences?” (From friends and family).

“Nick, you need a creative outlet, perhaps it’s time to start writing?” (One of the nicer voices inside my head).

“Nick, you are a wealth of information and have lead such an exciting life, please write a blog. Please?” (From the world at large, in my dreams).

My justifications not to blog in the past have followed a familiar theme along the lines of ‘just because I like to read/eat/watch films, it doesn’t mean I want to be an author/become a chef/direct movies’. 

Short, witty analogies that got me of the hook…until now.

What’s changed? In a word, attitude. Rather than try to avoid something I thought may be like that dirty three letter word, J-O-B, I decided to embrace something new. Well new to me, anyhow. I’ve always been a bit slow with technology. Didn’t get my first e-mail address until the late ‘noughties, plugged in my first mobile phone when 3G came into play and am still yet to stalk, sorry ‘search’ long lost friends on Facebook.  So here I am, like a kid with a new toy on Christmas, typing away with a big cheesy grin on my face.

Before leading you all down the track too far, I should outline what this blog will be about. I’m not putting up any boundaries around topics of discussion, but I will dab into travel (which I do a lot of), food (trying to cut down on), foreign culture (the one thing you know more about when you know you know nothing) and the general state of my mind. Probably throw in a book review or two, if I wasn’t typing this I would be reading. I may even give a secret away on how to be alwaysonholidays.


(If I get slack and don’t post anything, there will be a photo or two on Instagram @nickisalwaysonholidays)




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